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== Hagnon "prononçaedje" ==
Can you explain the new system used in "[[mossea]]" instead of i.e. [[Sterlin]] ?
--[[Uzeu:Lucyin|Lucyin]] 23 d' awousse 2009 a 00:50 (UTC)
: Oh yes. In mot [[mossea]] I used troes new modeles: <nowiki>{{Wicc|}}</nowiki>, <nowiki>{{AFE|}}</nowiki> and <nowiki>{{ratour|}}</nowiki> (which is not fully complete). First one is used to redirect uzeus to pådje wiccionaire about sistinme prononçaedje such as [[w:en:IPA|AFE]], [[w:en:SAMPA|SAMPA]] etc. Second one is used to replace old modele prononçaedje, for example:
:# single entry:
::*{{Wicc|AFE}}: {{AFE|/prononçaedje/}}
::*{{Wicc|SAMPA}}: {{SAMPA|/prononçaedje/}}
:# multiply entry:
::**''(Redjon)'' {{AFE|/prononçaedje/}}
::**''(Redjon)'' {{AFE|/prononçaedje/}}
:Third one is a new sistinme ratournaedje usage you can find [[Modele:ratour|here]]
:PS Don't forget to place ratournaedjes between <nowiki>[[]]</nowiki>
:If you've any further question, feel free to ask. --[[Uzeu:Lwh|Lwh]] 23 d' awousse 2009 a 14:23 (UTC)
== Easy tables ==
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